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What We Offer

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2-4 Hours Express

No minimum orders required
From $7.5 per order

Same Day Delivery

Requires minimum 2 orders to pick up
From $7 per order

Next Day Delivery

Requires minimum 3 orders to pick up
From $6.5 per order

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Power your shop with on-demand door-to-door delivery at a fraction of the cost


Power your team with on-demand collection and last-mile delivery at a fraction of the cost

Retail & Luxury

Power your brand with on-demand door to door delivery at a fraction of the cost

Food & Grocery

Power your restaurants with on-demand door-to-door delivery at a fraction of the cost

Why Deliver With Mili?

Our Core Features

Advanced SMS Notification

Your customers will be notified with SMS notification with live tracking experience.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Keep your customers in the loop throughout the entire delivery process to automative live updates as the delivery progresses.

Proof of Delivery

Drastically redude costs by automating last-mile processes and eliminating barriers to communication with your end customer.

Cash On Delivery

Our delivery agents are able to collect cash on delivery on your behalf.

Advanced API Integration

Our API integration creates seamless omni-channel experience fully automated dispatch to our customer journey.

Route Optimization

Our system automatically optimize delivery routes, considering delivery windows, vehicle capacity, driver schedules, and traffic constraints.

Preditive ETA Notification

Our Machine Learning AI-based algorithms predict ETAs throughout our drivers' routes with remarkable accuracy.

Age Verification

Our delivery agent can use in-app age verification feature to identify if your customer can receive your age-restricted items: such as alcohol.