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Faster than light

Why Choose Us

Leading smart logistics platform in North America

  • Our algorithm supports route optimization that increases both pick up and delivery efficiency and saves cost.
  • Depending on your delivery needs, we will match your order with the best-suited agents to reduce your logistics cost.
  • We have a warehouse network all round the city to minimize your last mile delivery distance.

We powered your online E-Commerce business or local retail business with Affordable, Flexible & Precise Deliveries with one-click starting TODAY!

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Our Features

Impress Your Customers

Faster than light
  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Your end customer will be able to track the delivery agent's real-time location once the delivery is started.
  • Advanced SMS Notification
  • Your end customer will be notified via SMS with agent contact details once the delivery is started.
  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Your end customer will receive an estimated arrival time based on our delivery optimization algorithm.
  • Delivery Agent Rating System
  • Your end customer will be able to provide rating for the delivery agent once the task is completed.


Our Stats

Improve Your Business

Delivery Cost Saves Up to 33%
Reduce Your Delivery Time by 40%
Improve Your Business Re-Order by 35%
Expand Your Business Reachable Zone By 85%